AMP - Purpose Statement

To empower the youth with the realization of their true identity and to influence youth to be established, envisioned and effective in society.

  • Establish encourage the youth in their identity in order to give them a purpose for living
  • Envision give youth hope and vision for a bright and positive future
  • Effect empower youth to make a positive difference in South Africa, their communities and families

Do you experience any of the following in your school or community?

  • High levels of emotional problems and suicide, with an increase in self-inflicted violence
  • Youth who become sexually active at a younger age
  • Teenage pregnancies
  • Increase in alcohol- and substance abuse
  • Increased levels of crime and violence amongst the youth population
  • School leavers who cannot find jobs or who are unsure about their future
  • Young people who view their school environments as unsafe or non-supportive
  • Lack of life skills

Then your school or community may be in need of a YOUTH COACH Profile of Youth Coach

  • Between 21 and 30 years old
  • In possession of a tertiary qualification and/or some work or community experience
  • Carefully selected by a panel of specialists to ensure that the person can provide the required input in respect to a variety of areas ( statistics show that an estimate of 19% of sessions focus on physical health, 50% on emotional health and 31% on spiritual growth )
  • Pre-approved by the specific school or campus before placement