Company Summary

AMP is registered as a Non-Profit Company (NPC) and we are in the process to receive Section 18A status.

AMP is managed by a board of directors in conjunction with the AMP executive committee (EXCO). The executive committee is responsible for selection, evaluation, training and care of youth coaches, as well as the management and expansion of effective service delivery.

The Cyrus Trust ensures that the financial statements are audited on an annual basis, and that the organisation is run with the required corporate governance principles (legal and accounting controls).

An individual taxpayer or corporate entity that makes a bona fide donation in cash or in kind to a Section 18A approved organisation is entitled to a deduction from his taxable income if the donation:

is supported by the necessary certificate issued by the organisation
does not exceed 10% of the taxable income of the taxpayer, calculated before allowing any deduction under Status 18A


We believe that developing the youth will be the most significant contribution we can make to this country. They will be the next leaders that we entrust with the task of leading this country.

We also believe that AMP will provide the necessary support and life skills coaching to the youth. With the help of our partners and sponsors we are hoping to expand our vision to every school in South Africa. We thank every role player, partner, sponsor and youth coach for their contribution to this worthy cause.