Main Projects

AMP’s main project is the placement of youth coaches on a full time basis in a youth milieu, like a school, campus or town.

These youth coaches assist the individual youth members by:

  • acting as role model
  • building relationship with learners
  • individual sessions and group projects
  • assessing learners’ individual needs
  • addressing the needs of learners in all development areas
  • development of learners’ physical, emotional and spiritual potential
  • make the necessary referrals to qualified specialists

These youth coaches assist the schools or youth community by:

  • identifying youth related challenges like teen pregnancies and substance abuse
  • develop a framework to handle specific challenges
  • ensuring that the time of educational and psychological specialists are used in the most optimal manner by screening problems and applying an efficient referral system
  • planning and implementing learner support projects, like youth weeks, campaigns, camps and expo’s in accordance with the specific needs of milieu
  • building a community based youth support infrastructure

The goal of all AMP interventions is to transform both the individual and the youth community.